Buy marijuana in New York

Buy marijuana in New York Marijuana can be found throughout yonkers at any given point in time. If I were to name a few I would say that marijuana is rampant throughout areas such as south broadway, Highland, Jackson, park hill, Gilmore, spruce, van Cortlandt, central ave and of course you could always travel to exotic places such as Dykeman or Knollwood. . extension for some of Dyckman’s finest. Buy Pills online Europe

and also: “Yonkers ave. and most of the downtown area have spots, but the best stuff is only obtained through a connection, and the best stuff is farther away from downtown it is more around the hastings border and tuckahoe road. in Yonkers, it is connected over spots” Buy marijuana in New York Order Marijuana online Maine Mail order marijuana Online In Maine Order Cheap marijuana Online Near me

Marijuana prices:


2.5-3.7 = 50

60-75= 1/4th dro

90-130= 1/4th haze( better bud fluffy higher thc content)

120-160= 1/2 dro

170-220 = 1/2 haze

200-260 1 oz dro

370-435= 1 oz haze

All prices listed reflect quality but I’m not saying u can’t get an oz of good haze for 320, it’s hard but that is y I said connects over spots

Marijuana brands: Haze- Purple haze- white rhino- blueberry dro- kush-sour diesel- juicy fruit

and countless other kinds, if ya can name it ya can find it but mostly it’s just called dro or haze or exotic dro, not many sadly enough know the name’s of their bud.

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