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Buy Amnesia Haze Online Europe

Buy Amnesia Haze Online Europe. Don’t let this strain’s name intimidate you! A super popular strain in the Pacific West Coast, despite being called Amnesia Haze, this sativa hybrid won’t induce any memory loss or impairment, however, it is quite cerebral and euphoric! A multi award winning sativa, holding titles such as First Place Overall at the 2004 Cannabis Cup, as well as First Place for Best Sativa in the 2012 Cannabis Cup, this hybrid was made by crossing Haze and an impressive  number of landraces: Jamaican, Hawaiian, Thai, Laotian and Afghan. Its THC potency reaches as high as 25% to offer users a fantastic high, and with fresh and citrus flavors, this strain is just as tasty as it is enjoyable!


Despite being a more sativa leaning strain, Amnesia Haze really does bring out the best of both sativa and Indica effects. Its high can be felt almost immediately, with initial effects being cerebral and a sharpened sense of focus or awareness. There is a boost of energy as well as an uplift in mood that soon after becomes euphoric. This combination of effects make the strain great for alleviating fatigue and stress, as well as symptoms of depression, anxiety or PTSD. Users might also experience fits of giggles and a sense of creativity. These happy and focused effects along with feelings of creativity make Amnesia Haze an ideal choice if you have some projects and tasks you need to crunch at, and in terms of medical usage, would be beneficial for those dealing with ADD/ADHD as you would be able to put your mind to the tasks at hand! The strain’s strong and uplifting mental effects are nicely paired with relaxing Indica effects; users will find relief from physical pains and aches, including migraines, and this sense of calmness and relaxation is felt without succumbing to tiredness or sleepiness, so it’s great for use throughout the day. For medical users seeking an effective pain relieving strain for daytime usage, Amnesia Haze might just be for you!

THC Content

The Amnesia Haze strain is a sativa dominant hybrid with 80% sativa to 20% Indica. Despite having such sativa dominance, its Indica effects definitely pull through to offer users a nicely well rounded high. Its THC content averages between 20% to 25% on average, as well as 1% CBD. Originally created by Royal Queen Seeds though also widely derived from breeders in Amsterdam, First Medical Seed and Soma Seeds, many phenotypes of the strain exist and have been created using a variety of different landrances, though most often being a combination of some, or all of Jamaican, Hawaiian, Thai, Laotian and Afghan landraces.

Appearance & Aroma

Amnesia Haze buds are chunky though dense, a combination of both Indica and sativa physical features, and are tapered at the ends. They are a bright green, almost like neon or lime, with bright yellow-orange, golden amber pistils that are long and wiry throughout, and finished with a coating of tiny crystal trichomes. Its aromas are sweet and earthy, with undertones of spices that can be likened to pepper. Its flavor profile is a nicely refreshing combination of earthiness and citrus fruits, particularly sweet lemons!

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