What is Budder? Budder, sometimes called “badder” or “batter”, is a cannabis concentrate that is a subcategory of weed wax, and pretty much refers to any wax that has a creamy texture. What makes budder popular is that it is easy to work with and it retains much of its natural flavors. There are plenty of ways to use budder, but most users consume it through dabbing, which means inhaling a small portion of the weed wax with a special rig or vaporizer. At Get Kush, we offer the highest quality budder weed in Canada! Browse through our large selection of budder, or if you want more information on weed wax, continue reading on to the bottom of the page.

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Budder Positive Effects: At average THC concentrations of 70%, Budder is a potent form of cannabis that promotes an increase in relaxation, euphoria, happiness, and mood in users. Budder Medical Benefits: Medical marijuana patients commonly use budder to treat conditions such as chronic pain and arthritis. Other common uses are for depression, anxiety, stress and insomnia. Budder Vs Marijuana: Having THC levels of around 70%, Budder is much more potent than cannabis flowers (20%). Budder Vs Crumble: Crumble wax is dry and crumbly, whereas Budder is moist. Other than that, they share very similar properties Budder Vs Shatter: Another form of weed wax, but much harder and clear. Shatter goes through a more comprehensive extraction method and normally has a higher concentration of THC, but less of the terpenes and flavor. How to Make Budder? Budder is made using an extraction process that mixes cannabis with solvents and purges the THC with extreme heat and air pressure to remove the solvent. During the purging process, the concentrate is whipped a bit to create a fluffier consistency. As with most concentrates, it is not recommended to be made at home and should be left to the professionals as it can be extremely dangerous! How to take Budder? Many believe the best way to smoke budder is by dabbing or vaporizing because these methods result in more pronounced flavors. Other methods include adding it to a joint or using a bong or bubbler. How to Store Budder? If kept properly, Budder can last for over a year. It is recommended to be kept in an air-tight glass container and stored in a dark and cool location out of the reach of children. Budder Side Effects: Due to its high THC concentration, Budder should be taken in moderation. It is recommended to start slow and give it some time before taking more. Some side effects include headaches, paranoia, dizziness and a heavy couchlock body buzz. Other minor effects include dry mouth and dry/red eyes.
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