Budtender: The Best Marijuana Job Ever?

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Buy Weed Online Rotterdam. If you love marijuana, perhaps you have thought about becoming a budtender. After all, it is arguably the dream job for the weed enthusiast. Now that the industry is ready for a boom period, it needs all the qualified staff it can get.

As it happens, a budtender’s role is one of the most accessible jobs within the industry. But what does the job entail? More importantly, how do you gain the necessary qualifications?

What Is a Budtender?

As a budtender, you are a professional cannabis expert and work behind a marijuana dispensary counter. If you’ve been in a dispensary, you’ll realize that you spend about 90% of your time interacting with the budtender. They are passionate about weed, extremely knowledgeable about the products, and genuinely enjoy providing exceptional customer service. Buy Weed Online Rotterdam

The budtender job description includes an emphasis on people skills. It is one of the best roles in the cannabis industry because it enables you to build direct relationships with customers. Contrary to the ‘lazy stoner’ stereotype, a budtender is a talkative, personable, helpful, and hardworking individual. Buy Marijuana Online In Netherland

You need to either attend budtender school or complete budtender training online. In both cases, you receive your budtender license.

If you want to become a budtender, you need a real passion for marijuana. You must listen carefully to a patient’s needs and provide them with recommendations. It is admittedly impossible to know everything about the plant. However, budtenders must know the most popular strains and new products such as vaporizers and concentrates. Buy Skittles Moon Rocks Online

Knowledge Is Power for Budtenders

You will receive a lot of training. However, you will have knowledge gaps when you start your budtender career. Dedicated budtenders usually go above and beyond and read far more information than what the course requires. We recommend doing the following to get the most out of your research: Buy Drivers License Online Netherlands 

  • Sign up for as many cannabis industry blogs, newsletters, websites, and mailing lists as possible.
  • Read books by respected industry authors such as Jorge Cervantes, Julie Holland, Ed Rosenthal, etc.
  • Look for cannabis books on recommended reading lists in universities.
  • Attend important industry conferences.
  • Network on popular cannabis social media platforms . You must also have the following knowledge:
  • How every single product on the dispensary’s shelf is created. This includes information on where it was grown and harvested, how the cannabinoids were extracted if you are selling tinctures and capsules, etc.
  • An ability to determine the quality of the products.
  • What prices your competitors charge for the products.

The best budtenders in the U.S. are in tune with the latest trends. You can follow suit by reading industry blogs and checking out relevant social media profiles. Buy Blue Dream Strain Online Netherland

Advanced Knowledge Is Essential to Reach the Top

High-quality budtenders will know the answers to complex questions like:

  • What is dewaxed shatter?
  • Why is this 37% THC test result untrustworthy?
  • What are the differences between CO2 and BHO extraction?
  • Which strains are winning current competitions such as the Cannabis Cup?
  • What are the latest results from medical marijuana studies?

Successful budtenders are also outstanding storytellers. They can tell powerful true stories, which allow them to connect with customers on a personal level. Each story is relatively short and tailored to each patient. It focuses on how the marijuana product in question could positively affect the customer’s life. Buy Xanax Online In Netherland Without Prescriptions

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