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Best Indica Strains

close up image of indica strain leaf

Granddaddy Purple

Buy Marijuana Online Anderlecht.  You don’t have to go any further than this prevalent strain to prove that not all Indicas spare the head when delivering a strong body blow. With an average THC content of around 20%, GDP delivers an immediate euphoric high that can lean to the slightly trippy side before the mind’s relaxation catches up with the body. Eventually, the full buzz is likely to land you on the couch or into your favorite chair.

There’s a decent amount of CBD in this strain, too, so it’s sought-after for its medical effects. It works wonders to relieve aching muscles and chronic pain, as well as depression. And the legendary body melt is perfect for fighting insomnia and getting a good night’s sleep. Don’t overlook the yummy taste and scent, either.

Northern Lights

Calm, calm, calm. There’s nothing like a few hits of Northern Lights to put your entire body into a blissful, happy numbness. This strain is almost pure Indica and is usually the #1 example that people use to illustrate what a “classic” Indica will do, even one with 15-20% THC content; the psychoactive cannabinoid contributes more dreamy laziness than an energetic high. You’ll probably be couch-locked after indulging, only getting up to grab some more munchies.

There isn’t a lot of CBD in Northern Lights, but the incredible numbing buzz is outstanding for treating pain nonetheless. It can relieve all types of body pain from arthritis, back pain, and chronic conditions, stress, depression, and nausea, and has won numerous awards for its medicinal power.


The legends surrounding the origins of G-13 belong more on a conspiracy website than in a botanical textbook. In a nutshell, some U.S. government agencies collected the best pot strains from all over the world and bred “superstrains” in a secret lab – and G-13 was the one liberated by a lab tech to be shared with the world.

If that does happen to be true, we owe the tech a huge debt. This strain ranges from pure Indica (rare) to a 70/30 hybrid (more likely) with generous amounts of THC and is a world-class mood enhancer. It opens with a creative euphoria and then quickly settles into serious body relaxation that will calm your way down but only produces body lock in some users. If you’re one of the ones who can handle G-13 without feeling heavy, it’s amazing for all-day relief of chronic pain, inflammation, fibromyalgia, and lupus, stomach issues, stress, and depression.


We close out with two of the best Indicas that provide relaxation and pain relief without a strong high. Indica-dominant Harlequin is typically 5:2 CBD to THC, so its psychoactive effects are relatively pleasant and uplifting. That leaves the CBD to do its work relatively unimpeded by a heavy head high, with its fabulous relief of nerve, muscle, and joint pains, making it a favorite of those who need help with chronic conditions like fibromyalgia.

The uplifting mood contributed by this strain also helps with chronic depression. And its lower THC content makes Harlequin a far better choice for those who suffer from anxiety because it won’t cause the paranoia that THC can sometimes induce in those patients. This is an Indica that won’t couch-lock you in any way; it will let you get things done while you’re feeling better.


As you’ve probably guessed, this is an Indica-dominant strain bred specifically for pain relief. The THC content is generally below 1%, so there’s virtually no psychoactive effect whatsoever. The remedy is slow to act, so the experience starts with full-body relaxation, followed by a tingly feeling and the easing of pain throughout the body.

For most users, this is a strain that can be used throughout the day to allow full function and perhaps even replace opioids for pain relief. Of course, there’s no law saying it can’t be used recreationally (that is, in states where it’s legal), and it’s a great choice for reducing stress, being able to relax after work, or slowly drift off to sleep.

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