Amazing quality for price, a solid mild-hitting indica with a good THC count. This one settles on gradually but can be some powerful stuff. It has an unspectactular color, taste, and smell but I am happy with the lack of after-taste and side effects. I’d have bought another batch if it hadn’t gone out of stock!


I’m on my third bottle. I use it every day. Helps with ptsd and fibromyalgia. Great for the price

mike jones

My latest order came today, this is the darkest stuff I have seen, tastes good , heavy hit a perfect Indica.
SO dark its fun to just look at
Will order again, and again.
GK is the best online site I have used so far, and by far the best,


Not bad taste is good but I expected more of a buzz for the price


Nice smell and awesome looking buds. Smoking it is smooth and hits well .taste through my Vtower is excellent.


Big buds, hard buds. Good taste but I find it a bit rough on the throat.
If it was not to the fact it’s making cough that much I would have give it a 5 stars


Very good for the price, will buy again for sure.


This one is a special treat for me.

The aroma and smell is like fresh pine needles from a christmas tree – super strong! And those awesome red hairs are everywhere on the nugs.

Total head high for me – good high and long lasting.


Decent smell – not overpowering but decent.. First time I smoked this I was under the weather, and it didn’t hit much – I was going to give this one a 2.

Boy was I wrong – the flu must have affected my high because this one builds and builds and I get super blasted from this one. Crazy giggles/euphoria for the first hour and then a great body stone. This one lasts a long time too. For me about 3 hours.

Great nugs and super smooth taste. Definitely not a budget strain and NOT for newbies but gets a
Five star rating.


Nice purpule buds. Gets me extremely HIGH. waited a while for it but worth the wait.Gotta get some!!


thanks guys for the delivery was doubtful to place an order but i am very happy now 


i got my stuff dry and clean though it delayed for a day but all good


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