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How to Dry Cannabis Flower

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Buy Cannabis Online Maribor Buy Cannabis Online Maribor. New growers often think the hard work is over when they cultivate and harvest their precious marijuana plants. Not quite! Unfortunately, you need to wait a little longer to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You have to trim, dry, and cure your harvest before it is ready for […]

The Easiest Cannabis Strains to Cultivate

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Buy Weed Online In Ljubljana Buy Weed Online In Ljubljana. There is a school of thought that suggests that cannabis strains are effectively the same. In reality, it is a case of sativa and Indica strains not necessarily producing the effects they are ‘supposed’ to. Marijuana strains are not all created equal! There is weed blessed with top-shelf […]

The Most Popular Fertilizers for Growing Cannabis

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Buy Marijuana Online Slovenia Buy Marijuana Online Slovenia. Now that more Countries are allowing the cultivation of marijuana, it was inevitable that the fertilizer market would take off. Without the right fertilizers and nutrients, there is no hope of getting a high yield with fat buds. A lack of fertilizer can harm your plant, but […]

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