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Buy Paris OG online in Paris

Buy Paris OG online in Paris, mail order Paris OG online in Paris, where to order Paris OG online in Paris. Paris OG is a potent and tasty Indica almost certain to hit you with a knockout punch of sedation. This strain is a cross between Lemon OG and perennial favorite Headband and offers a mouth-puckering citrus taste, accompanied by a heavy and Stoney body high. Different preparations of Paris OG have won various top prizes in the High Times Cannabis Cup between 2013 and 2016. This strain’s THC levels have been measured at between 18% and an impressive 28%.

Paris OG is distinguished by medium to large flowers that adhere in a distinct cone shape. Despite mostly Indica genetics, these buds show off some Sativa properties, with a loose structure. The light and fluffy leaves can tear away easily from their central stems. The fluffy leaves are a dark shade of forest green and are threaded through with hairy orange pistils. A high volume of cloudy white trichomes dots the inner and outer surfaces of the leaves, making them particularly hard to break up without the use of a grinder.

A pronounced lemon tang jumps off of cured buds of Paris OG. This citrus character is supported by a generally fruity, tropical aroma that lurks in the background. Meanwhile, grinding up or breaking open the flowers yields earthy and dank notes, courtesy of the OG Kush in this strain’s lineage. Despite its mostly agreeable scent, Paris OG can give off a harsh, acrid smoke when burnt, which may trigger coughing for some. On the exhale, this strain tastes of lemon accented by a bit of pine.

Buy Paris OG online in Paris

Buy Paris OG online in Paris, where to order Paris OG online in Paris, mail order Paris OG online in Paris. Paris OG offers what can be described as a creeper of a high. Several minutes after savoring its taste, smokers may detect a pressure around the temples — this same feeling of cranial compression is exactly the side effect that gives parent strain Headband its name. As this bud takes over, users may feel their limbs become heavy with relaxation at the same time that their eyelids begin to droop. Paris OG’s physically relaxing effects may even be strong enough to bring about feelings of dissociation, making for a uniquely psychedelic experience. Smokers should not expect a cerebral increase in focus; instead, any mental stimulation arrives more in the form of a cloudy, dreamy mindset. Paris OG’s trippy vibes make it a great accompaniment to a favorite album or a moody, atmospheric movie. This strain is just the thing for winding down after a long day or week of work — just beware of heavy couch-lock and the irresistible urge to sleep after you smoke a few more bowls. Because it is so sedative, Paris OG is best enjoyed in the early evening or as a treat just before bedtime.

Paris OG’s sleepy, almost narcotic effects have the potential to help medical cannabis patients as well. Its relaxed, easygoing nature may temporarily numb the acute symptoms of stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also soothe all kinds of aches and pains, whether they’re temporary or chronic. Paris OG’s anti-inflammatory properties may take care of everyday annoyances like headaches or nausea. Finally, as noted, this strain is a great choice for counteracting insomnia. Because Paris OG is unlikely to lead to patterns of intense, recursive thinking, it is a good choice for those who are prone to panic or who have a low tolerance for THC.

No large-scale commercial breeders have made seeds of Paris OG available for commercial sale. As such, those looking to grow the strain must obtain clippings from a mature, healthy plant in order to grow genetically identical “clones.” Although limited information is available on the best practices for cultivating this strain, we know that it can be grown indoors or outdoors in semi-humid, Mediterranean-like climates. Because of its mostly Indica genetics, we also know that plants of Paris OG grow short and bushy. Growers should regularly “top” their plants, by trimming away any broad, light-blocking fan leaves that can inhibit the growth of flowering nodes on lower branches.

Better suited to passive indoor use than boisterous social enjoyment, Paris OG is a must for heavy Indica fans. Its waves of relaxation provide the perfect setting for letting go of worries and annoyances. It also has great medical components


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